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La ville de Bertoua, chef-lieu de la région de l’Est, fait face à une situation critique en matière d’accès à l’eau potable. C’est ce qu’a révélé l’ONG Actions for Development and Empowerment (ADE) lors d’une

Cameroon: Leader in Public Health Emergency Readiness and Response

One of the first african countries to have a Multi-hazard Readiness and Response Plan for Public Health Emergencies Unprecedented health context More than ever, the world is facing health imperatives including disasters, epidemics, emergencies increasingly

STRUGGLE FOR COVID-19 VACCINE IN RURAL AREAS: The challenging track in Okola, Cameroon

Photographs by Alexandre Le Grand Wk for Yohedahealthsolutions.com

Stop covid19

Top ten (10) cameroonians who have marked the fight against COVID-19

Don’t miss this For over five months now since the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic and the first confirmed case of the infection in Cameroon, yohedahealthsolutions.com has tried to keep track of its evolution

Making children a priority, Nestle is investing in Health and in the future.

The best way to love is to take good care and to protect, that is why Nestle has choosen to invest in children’s health and their wellbeing. Nestle seeks to stand as the leader in