Coronavirus, global heat: new world’s challenges. Nobody is safe

The best health solution and wellbeing is surely better care for humanity.

The world has come today to maturation. The whole world is really now reduced to a global village and the human community has become a huge family where each individual counts.

The Coronavirus has just shown it as well; it is proof that each of us is just a member of that family that he can influence.

A small virus, just a little living being probably carried by an individual, maybe a poor worker in a factory in the big industrial city of Wuhan has now been spread  all over the world, creating panic right up to the white house!

Coronavirus structure

We were just talking about climate change and global warming with all its harmful effects; of course, some are free to believe or not to believe.

Yesterday, it was about HIV or Ebola virus, some were still not feeling as concerned. But today, the corona virus is showing how fragile the world is. However important and wealthy one can be, none is as safe on his own. The Corona virus which started with one person, now has the world’s economy trembling. Not only China’s economy but the entire world is witnessing a nightmare. What a challenge to humanity! More than 15% of movement over the world has been affected; planes, boats from or towards the region have reduce their activities. Rich and poor are confined to their house, wandering if they should abandon everything and go or stay. Surgical masks have become the main go to protective measure against this unknown. An epidemic has now become a challenge to many development concepts. Each country is taking precautions. Countries are making serious deliberations, planning the return of their citizens who went to seek greener pastures.

Ebola virus structure

Means that where ever we are, whatever we do, even it is just for a day, we should do it while considering others, while considering the humanity. Each action should portray respect to the environment and to the community. Because we are all members of the same human family. A water pool or a stream contaminated here, a chemical used there for farming or for any personal interest, a drug produced only for rich, a traveler coughing openly on neighbors or a laboratory experiment on a gene to challenge the nature and obtain direct or indirect power over others is an aggression to humanity; development concepts need to be redefined, considering where it is leading humanity to.

 There are always better solutions for any problem, and the best is that which offers care to all through actions, that show respect and concern for the wellbeing of humanity, because we can only be really happy and safe when those around us, irrespective of who they are, are safe and thus are not a threat to our wellbeing.

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